Emkotech Wings

More writing space for your education needs

The most practical solution for using whiteboards with interactive screens. Thanks to the whiteboards that open to the sides, you can use it with the interactive screen or use it as a single wide whiteboard by closing the covers completely.

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Emkotech Wings
Digital innovation in education

Ideal solution for narrow spaces!

You can use both sides of the whiteboard conveniently.

Digital innovation in education

Continuous text area!

Thanks to the specially designed whiteboards, you can get an uninterrupted writing when the covers are fully closed. Thanks to the lock system on the frame, your interactive display is under protection. You can practically reach all the outputs on the OPS computer and the display from the side.

Emkotech Wings

Digital innovation in education

Emkotech Wings Combination options

You can use Emkotech Wings whiteboard wings with all our interactive screens and height-adjustable interactive screen systems.

Emkotech Lift + Wings

You can combine it with the wall-mounted motorized Emkotech Lift.

Emkotech Height Adjustable System + Wings

You can combine it with the motorized or manual Emkotech height adjustable system.

Emkotech Lift Mobile + Wings

Also suitable to use with mobile systems.
Lift Mobil DC