Emkotech Nova S3

Best in Class Interactive Screen

Emkotech's most powerful interactive display, Emkotech Nova S3, offers an unforgettable teaching experience with its many new features and tools. A 4k Ultra HD screen resolution is combined here with a powerful built-in Android 11 operating system.

Size options: 65", 75", 86"

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Emkotech GO+

New Generation Interactive Screens

Emkotech GO+ offers ideal solutions for both your workplaces and classrooms with its 4K Ultra HD resolution screen and touch panel technology that allows multi-touch.

Screen sizes: 65", 75", 86"

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Akıllı Tahta Modeli - Emkotech GO+

Interactive Board Systems

Emkotech Sliding Board System

4 times more writing area with Emkotech sliding board system! Expand your writing area with 2 movable, 2 fixed whiteboards and an Emkotech interactive screen.

Suitable screen sizes: 65", 75", 86"

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Emkotech Sürgülü Tahta Sistemi

Interactive Board Systems

Emkotech Guillotine Board System

Thanks to its specially designed sliding system, it saves space by using all the space on the wall. The boards ability to move up-down eliminates the height difference.

Suitable screen sizes: 65", 75", 86"

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Emkotech Giyotin Tahta Sistemi

Remote Education and Remote Working

Remote Working and remote education is very easy with Emkotech Interactive Screens ! Fully compatible with video conferencing programs, Emkotech interactive screens are ready to improve your productivity with its many useful features.

Interactive Board Picker App

Are you having a hard time choosing a suitable interactive whiteboard or an interactive flat panel display? Interactive Board Picker App determines your needs and finds the interactive board that suits you best.

Online Demo

Discover the power of Emkotech interactive screens with our personalized 30-minute online demo that will be prepared for your needs and requirements! Make an appointment now for a free, personalized online demo!

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Why Emkotech?

Emkotech™ redefines education with various technological solutions. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience, we can offer state of the art interactive white boards and flat panel displays at an affordable price. With our complementary accessories, make your classrooms smarter today!


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