Emkotech 2 allows digital and classical usage at the same time thanks to its ceramic steel surface!

Emkotech 2

4 Finger Multitouch


Mount for Mini PC


Smooth Ceramic Steel Surface

108 screen

Up to Extra Large 108" Screen Size


A rich and efficient learning experience!

You can write or draw digitally on Emkotech 2's smooth surface. Making engaging presentations will be easier than ever! As Emkotech 2 features a steel ceramic surface , you can freely write on it with a regular whiteboard marker.

Emkotech 2 is being used
Student with Emkotech Emkotech 2

Smooth touch experience

You can use classic touch gestures with your Emkotech 2, just like you're using your smartphone!

Pinch gesture

To enlarge, spread

Unpinch gesture

To shrink, pinch

Rotate gesture

To rotate, rotate


Modern and classic comes together with Emkotech 2's ceramic steel surface!

Emkotech 2 features a 50 years guaranteed ceramic steel surface, which ensures a smooth writing experience with a regular board marker. Switch to digital whenever you like with a push of a button! (Projector sold seperately)

Use emkotech 2 with board marker

Use with regular
board marker

Use emkotech 2 digitally with your fingers

Use with your fingers digitally

Woman uses Emkotech 2
Emkotech 2 için geniş akıllı tahta seçenekleri

Huge screen size options

Enjoy the viewing experience with your huge screen Emkotech 2! Size options include 78”, 90” and 108”

78" screen

Screen Size

90" screen

Screen Size

108" screen

Screen Size

Emkotech 2 Guillotine System

Try out Emkotech 2 with our special guillotine writing board. Its ideal if you'd like more writing surface and you're short in space!

Board Dimensions

Compatible with 78" ve 90" board sizes

PC and Projector Mount

Mount for Mini PC and Projector

Up and down arrrows

Up and Down motion capability


Emkotech 2 Sliding Board System

Emkotech 2 Sliding Board System offers a wider writing surface with its 2 moving and 2 fixed classic whiteboards!

2 writing boards on sliding rail

Left and right

Suitable with 78" or 90" Emkotech 2 models

Screen Size

2 writing boards fixed


18 different choices of ceramic steel surface


Technical Properties

Surface MaterialCeramic Steel Surface
Touchscreen TechnologyInfrared touchscreen technology
Multitouch SupportSupports up to 4 finger touch
Product Dimensions

120X190 cm 78" (inch)

140x220 cm 90" (inch)

160x260 cm 108" (inch)

Extra FeaturesMini PC option, can be made into a Guillotine System or Sliding Board System
Magnifying Glass

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